Golf Shoes Guide

Importance Of Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are one of the most important factors when buying golf equipment and clothing. Picking out the correct pair of golf shoes will improve your game due to better grip and preventing movement when swinging and taking a shot. This in turn will help keep your shot nice and accurate. Remember that walking is a big part of the sport, you will be walking miles around the golf course and having incorrect golf shoes can be a nightmare and cause blisters. When buying a pair of shoes try and look for the correct comfort, style, waterproofing, breathability, traction and of course price! Your golf shoes should be hard-wearing yet still flexible enough to allow your feet movement while taking shots and swinging.

Golf Shoe Materials

Among the different material golf shoes including Leather, Gore-Tex and polyester, Leather golf shoes are the most popular material that golfers go for. Main reasons include that they are waterproof and very comfortable for walking long distances. They are also very hard to stretch out of shape. Leather golf shoes are also fantastic for summer play, as they are very breathable compared to other materials. Gore-Tex shoes are very water resistant and thick lined, so perfect for winter and wetter weather, but may become uncomfortable in the summer and hot weather. Polyester golf shoes feature a nonporous lining spread on the outer shell of the golf shoes which is light and thinner than leather but not as durable, these golf shoes you will find are a lot cheaper in price.

Golf Shoe Spikes

Another important factor in buying golf shoes is to decide if you prefer your golf shoes with soft plastic spikes or metal spikes. Golf shoes with metal spikes are becoming less and less popular due to the fact that they can damage greens and fairways, although still favoured by pro golfers and golfers looking for perfect grip at all times. The rules of golf state that golfers cannot repair spike marks on greens, so plastic spikes have become the best choice for golfers and sometimes the only choice for golfers as some golf courses and clubs have put a ban on metal spikes on their greens and course. This however is not a big problem these days as the plastic spike technology has been advanced to the point that they give the same if not greater traction in most conditions, than more traditional metal spiked golf shoes. Ideal for hard summer and condition and very easy to replace, softer plastic spikes are quick becoming the choice for all golfers and is fast becoming the industry standard norm throughout all ranges. Both types of spikes should certainly be changed as soon as signs of wear start to show.